7ft Camper Suppliers tent trailer

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· Front and rear flip tent trailer

· Sleeps up to 6

· All photos are taken live

· Full-size customization on demand

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RV-7 is the All-terrain trawler camper, Its design is light and flexible, the driving height is only 1430 with good crossing performance, independent suspension system plus red damping design, 265 MT tire, ground clearance up to 45 cm to ensure the vehicle's cross-country performance and passing performance;

Front and rear double water tank design, water storage up to 200L can meet people for a long time outdoor camping activities;

Double spare tire design makes outdoor campers more confident to boldly go to the limit;

The RV9 is equipped with an oversized outdoor hot stove, allowing us to enjoy nature while also fully enjoying the delicious outdoor picnic. The back and forth design breaks through the traditional way of thinking and subverts the design concept of the rv. It is known as the Transformer in the industry and can accommodate 7-8 people at the same time.


Exterior Length (mm):4385
Exterior Width (mm):1700
Exterior Height (mm):1480
Occupants Capacity:4


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